At the U.S. Military Academy, located in West Point, New York, certain utilities, such as the main mess hall kitchen and cadet housing showers, are serviced by three boilers in the Central Power Plant on post. From these three boilers, two larger boilers handle most of the steam demand and a smaller boiler supplements demand as needed.

USMA at West Point’s Needs

The smaller unit at the Central Power Plant had been in service for almost 30 years and was still using the original controls hardware which had become obsolete and difficult, if not impossible, to replace. Furthermore, the original controls wiring around the boiler had begun to degrade and needed to be replaced. This project required a solution based on the latest, up-to-date hardware and technology.

Our Solution

We provided USMA with our standard Boiler Link controls system with an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC, PanelView operator interface terminal (OIT), and a Fireye burner management system. The upgrade was performed onsite during the summer, when steam demand is low, while the boiler was down for an outage. The Boiler Link hardware was installed within the existing controls enclosure.

The original system, which included Siemens Procidia graphics, interfaces in two different locations in the plant and the Boiler Link controls system was linked to those interfaces. Finally, a remote PanelView OIT was also installed in one of the control rooms.

The Outcome

Since the Boiler Link controls were installed during the summer, when steam demand was low, there was a limited ability to complete the combustion configuration for 100% firing rate. We returned when demand increased in the fall to complete the configuration and train the USMA internal staff on how to address other issues related to the upgrade.