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Boiler Link Sample Honeywell Manual

This brochure is the Boiler Link Sample Manual for Honeywell

Boiler Link Sample Fireye Manual

This brochure is the Boiler Link Sample Manual for Fireye

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of devices/components can be controlled/monitored by Boiler Link?

Any device that is capable of sending out a 420mA signal can interface with Boiler Link. This typically means that any device controlled by a switch, button or other physical control can interface with Boiler Link. Depending on the exact type of component, Boiler Link can do anything from simply monitor to completely control the component.

What happens is I lose power or if the monitor stops working?

Boiler Link program and data logs are backed up via a standard SD memory card inserted in the unit itself. Like a computer, if Boiler Link experiences a power outage, it will simply boot back up to its default start up screen when it receives power back. Monitors can easily be swapped out. Any customizations will remain intact. In addition to local backup, all data can be backed up to a cloud- based data storage system.

How is the system locked to prevent tampering?

By default, Boiler Link programming features are only accessible via a custom passcode. This passcode allows administrators to configure Boiler Link and update its customization features. Customer may specify access controls and assign different passcodes to different permission levels.

Can boilerlink take the place of boiler operators?

No. Rules and regulations requiring onsite boiler operators are not affected by the presence of Boiler Link.

Is Boiler Link waterproof? can it operate outside?

Exact NEMA and IP ratings available separately. Boiler Link is an an electronic plc-based control system with touchscreen monitor. The screen itself is water resistant, but not waterproof. All components must be housed within a NEMA-rated electrical enclosure. The monitor may be exposed to outside weather conditions, but must be fully rain/moisture protected. The system can be operated in ambient temperatures up to 140 F. In ambient temperatures above 140 F, an air cooling system can be installed in the panel.

Can I remote operate my boiler and/or other components through a web-based interface?

No. The system may only be monitored via a web-based interface. Boiler and components must be controlled locally.

Can Boiler Link control linkage-based (jackshaft) burner systems?

Yes. As long as the modulation of the jack shaft controls is controlled by a motor capable of sending an electronic signal.

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